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Proud to be a Title 1 School!

Proud to be Title I


About Title I Schools

Title I is intended to help ensure that all children in the program have the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach proficiency on challenging state academic standards and assessments. Title I targets resources to schools where the needs are greatest.

High-poverty elementary schools (those with 66 percent or more students from low-income families) are eligible to adopt Title I programs to raise the achievement of low-achieving students by improving instruction.

Schoolwide Program - All students can receive additional services. No student identification is made that renders them eligible or ineligible for services, thus the Title I funds serve all children. Students identified as most at risk are given additional assistance.

The use of effective instructional strategies such as Success Maker, Do The Math, I Station, Family Liaison Programs, extended-day, and extended-year programs, addresses the needs of students/parents in schools.

Title I Resources:
General Info
Title I Complaint Procedures English pdf icon Español Versión pdf icon)
Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan Survey | Espanol Version